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Windows 8 Tip 1: Print Screen

There are different ways of grabbing a screen shot depending on what you want it for.

1. Save as a file (to use later)

Pressing the Windows logo key winlogo+ PrtScr at the same time is the standard (but on my Dell, it is Fn + winlogo + PrtScr).

While the screen is copied your screen will dim briefly. The screen shot can then be found as a .png file in your Pictures app or (on the Desktop) in My Pictures > Screenshots.

If you are using a tablet (or are in tablet mode), you can press the Windows button winlogo + the volume down button.

2. Copy to clipboard (to paste elsewhere immediately)

Pressing PrtScr copies the screen to your clipboard (on my Dell, Fn + PrtScr). You can then paste into Word, OneNote, etc. as usual with Ctrl + V.

3. Copy just one window (to paste elsewhere immediately)

Touch/tap/click on the window you want. Pressing Alt + PrtScr (on my Dell, Alt + Fn + PrtScr) copies it to your clipboard. You can then paste into another program using Ctrl + V.

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