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Windows 8.1: Smart Bing Search And Reading List App

Windows 8.1: Smart Bing Search and Reading List App

Bing Smart Search is built in to Windows 8.1. It is quick and easy to access your files, apps and web resources. Smart Search is fully optimised for touch and provides visual search results that you can start working with immediately.

Quick and Easy Searching

From the Start screen, just start typing and Smart Search will begin showing you results. When in desktop mode, press the Windows key and start typing to begin a search, or swipe to engage the charm from the right screen edge.

Quick and easy search in Windows 8.1

A New Search Experience

An intelligent summary of results pulled from the most relevant information across your files (including SkyDrive), the web and related apps, all organized in a beautiful, compelling, and easy-to-read way.

A search for Sydney, for example, provides information about the city and the option to open that result within the Wikipedia app or Maps app. Searching for people will provide brief biographical information, images and other relevant results. A search for Nellie Melba, for example, offers songs that you can play directly from the Results page.

If you search for a current topic or person you will also see videos and links to news websites.

Quick and easy search results in Windows 8.1     Quick and easy search for a person in Windows 8.1

Simple Search Filters

You can quickly and easily scope search results you’re interested in (e.g. just your files or images on the web), or leave the default to “everything” to simultaneously search across your device, cloud, and on the web.

Quick and easy search filters in Windows 8.1


Snap your search results to one side of the screen and links to websites and apps will open on the other side.
Keep everything in view and in context. No more jumping back and forth between search and other apps.

Snap search results for multi-tasking

Reading List App

A great way to manage your research is to use the Reading List app provided with Windows 8.1.
You can keep track of articles and sources that you have used, or save something to read later. To save to your Reading List, engage the charm from the right screen edge, click Share, and choose Reading List. You can choose a category or create your own. When you open your Reading List, you will see your most recent saved articles. Swiping from the top of the screen allows you to switch between categories.
Your Reading List stays with your account, so you can access it from any device you are logged onto.

Save search results to the Reading List app   Categories in the Reading List

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