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Touch View – Office 365 On Tablets And Phones

Touch view – Office 365 on tablets and phones

In this post, I am going to show you how to navigate in Office 365 using the new ‘Touch Design’ view that has recently been rolled out.

The new experience is now available on Windows tablets, Android tablets and iPads (with a similar but smaller experience on phones).

For the following screenshots I used Internet Explorer on a Surface tablet.

This is my ‘Sites’ page in Office 365:

Touch view of Sites in Office 365 on Microsoft Surface

This is now the default view when using Office 365 on a tablet – I can switch between ‘sites i’m following’ and ‘promoted sites’ and just click on the site I want to visit. It is much more touch-friendly and more focussed than the full version of this page:

Full view of Sites in Office 365 on Microsoft Surface

Clicking on the icon at the bottom left of the Sites page, brings up the touch navigation:

Touch view navigation in Office 365 on Microsoft Surface

 From here you can quickly get to your Outlook, Calendar, People, SkyDrive and back to Sites.

Outlook, Calendar and People do not have tablet-optimised views – you will see the full version of these pages. Here is the touch version of SkyDrive:

Touch view of SkyDrive in Office 365 on Microsoft Surface

You will initially see all your documents, which you can open by clicking, or you can quickly look at your shared or followed documents. Options for sharing can be accessed by clicking the ‘…’ next to each document.

At any point you can switch to the full version of a page by clicking the ‘…’ in the bottom right corner, from here you can also sign out:

Touch view of Sign Out and Switch to PC in Office 365 on Microsoft Surface

Further details can be found on the Microsoft Office Blog.

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