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Office Remote app for Windows Phone

Yesterday Microsoft released Office Remote, a Windows Phone app.
I have been giving it a go today, in the comfort of my study – I will try it out in front of real people on Friday!

You install the app on your phone and an add-in on your PC then pair them with Bluetooth. It works with Word, Excel and PowerPoint in Office 2013 (but not the RT version).

The app picks up any Office files that are open on the PC and you can control them from your phone.
When using PowerPoint I found the app very responsive and it was great to be able to jump to slides (much easier than using the keyboard or mouse) and glance at my notes. In Word and Excel I found the zoom on the phone much easier to use than the keyboard or mouse; I still think it’s easier with a touch screen PC, but when you are away from the PC (e.g. presenting) the phone app will be very useful.
Below is a list of the current functions.

– Navigate next slide/previous slide
– View slide thumbnails and jump to slide
– View speaker notes on phone
– View presentation timer and slide progress
– Laser point using touch on your phone

– Navigate rows and columns
– Change sheets by swiping
– Use Slicers, PivotTables and Filters
– Jump to any named object in your workbook
– Change zoom level

– Jump to headings
– Jump to comments
– Screen up/down
– Line up/down
– Change zoom level

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