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Office 365 – Three ways to upload files to SharePoint and SkyDrive Pro

Uploading, sharing, creating and editing is easier than ever with Office 365. In this post I will show the three main ways you can add content to your sites in SharePoint or your personal space in SkyDrive Pro.

1. Drag and Drop
You can drag and drop files directly onto a site from a document library on your computer or USB drive etc. You can drag and drop a single file or multiple files, but you cannot drag and drop folders.


In this example I am dragging three files from My Documents on my computer onto the Documents web part on the Year 5 Site.

You can also drag files directly into a Document Library. You will see the message ‘+ new document or drag files here’ wherever you are able to do this.


Note: If you are required to enter further details for your documents, e.g. keywords, or due date for homework, you will need to do this for each document separately after adding the.

Note: You can only upload 100 documents at one time with this method, although there is no maximum file size.

2. Web Apps
You can create a new Microsoft Office file (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, or Excel Survey) using the inbuilt Web Apps.
In any site or document library, simply click ‘+ new document’ and you can create a new file directly in your browser. You also have the option to create a new folder or upload an existing file.


3. Windows Explorer

Another way to upload files is by opening a document library as a standard Windows Explorer folder. This allows you to drag and drop multiple files and folders. In this mode you can also create folders, move and copy files and delete multiple files.


Note: this method only works in Internet Explorer and you will need to add your SharePoint site to the list of trusted sites.

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