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New to Office 365? Now what?

You have just signed up to Office 365. Now what?

Office 365 contains a number of apps and services that can help to increase productivity and improve teaching and learning in the classroom.

Office 365 is your teaching and learning tool – it has all you need to:

  • Co-create and collaborate using Office
  • Provide immediate feedback using real time interactivity
  • Work across all devices and drive efficiency and ease of access
  • Have access to unlimited storage
  • Create multiple learning spaces for powerful collaboration between classes and schools
  • And more…

Let’s have a look at the main features and a few ideas for use in your school…


OneDrive offers unlimited storage and you can access your files online and offline. Teachers share and collaborate on lesson plans, organise subjects and communicate with students. Students share files and folders with their teachers and have access to resources on any device.

Office Online

Students and staff create and collaborate in real-time in OneNote, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Teachers track student performance with Excel and offer real-time, multimedia feedback. Create surveys and questionnaires that can be used with staff, students and parents.


Communicate with teachers, students, staff and parents with Skype. Take part in video calls with a shared whiteboard, OneNote book and instant messaging and more. Record and play back staff meetings, PD sessions or student lessons. Host review sessions for students, support students with special needs and host parent-teacher meetings.


With sites in Office 365 you can create multiple learning spaces for blended learning between classes and schools. Use as your school intranet and create websites and communities for staff, classes and interest groups. Share teaching resources, add announcements, discussion forums, blogs, etc.


Yammer is the safe social network for schools. It empowers students and teachers to be more productive and successful, and allows for the exchange of ideas between students and staff at all levels, allowing users to connect with and work with anyone else from any device, at any time – quickly ask a question, share a file or link, and collaborate with staff and students from your school and beyond.


Office 365 Video is the safe and easy way to share and manage video content in your school. Teachers easily create channels and upload multiple video types – video playback is optimised for the device you are using: PC, tablet, phone. Use to share lesson resources, staff PD, and flipped classroom resources.

Have a look at our Office 365 PD sessions or contact Steven for more information.

Download the updated (Sep 2016) graphic at Steven’s blog.


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