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{ICT | AI | Design Thinking | Microsoft 365 | Teams | Surface | Minecraft} Perth, WA

Are you looking to do more with Microsoft 365 at your university?

We work with academic staff to improve learning outcomes, reduce workload, and increase student engagement – and with professional staff to improve communication, collaboration and productivity.

Book a customised workshop with Standout Education – choose from the following modules:

1 – Collaboration in Microsoft 365

  • Overview of Office 365 and the different apps available
  • Managing files in OneDrive, Teams, and SharePoint
  • Sharing, collaborating, commenting, and managing access to documents
  • Setting up Teams to work for you


2 – Productivity in Microsoft 365

  • Use Forms for surveys, registrations, and data collection
  • Use Lists to create, share and track data
  • Use To-Do for personal productivity
  • Use Planner for planning events and projects, share goals and track progress with your team


3 – Microsoft 365 for learning and teaching

  • Discover the best ways of using Microsoft 365 for learning and teaching
  • Explore OneNote for personal and collaborative note-taking
  • Use Teams for formal and informal teaching, collaboration and communication
  • See how Teams can bring other Microsoft tools (e.g. Word, Forms, To-Do, Whiteboard) together in one place for your staff and students¬†


4 – Microsoft Copilot

  • Learn how to use AI to provide you with fast and accurate answers to your queries
  • Discover the features and benefits of Copilot, such as natural language processing, rich results, and creative content generation
  • Find out how the Copilot sidebar can summarise web pages, PDFs, and other documents for you, saving you time and effort in reading, planning and assessing


5 – Microsoft and AI

  • Create content with AI-powered technology in PowerPoint, Word, & more
  • Analyse data in Excel without writing complicated formulas
  • Use Copilot with Bing and Edge to power up your searching

Why Standout Education?

  1. Steven has worked in training and consultancy roles at University of Adelaide and Murdoch University.
  2. Standout Education is a Microsoft Global Training Partner
  3. Standout Education has 10 years’ experience of running workshops at universities, including:¬†
    • University of Western Australia
    • Curtin University
    • Edith Cowan University
    • Murdoch University
    • Monash University
    • University of Adelaide
    • University of New South Wales
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