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{ICT | AI | Design Thinking | Microsoft 365 | Teams | Surface | Minecraft} Perth, WA

Save time and focus on the things that matter most with Copilot in Microsoft 365, your AI assistant for work.

Standout Education helps organisations do more with technology. Book a workshop to learn how Copilot for Microsoft 365 works alongside you in the apps you use every day.

1 – Introduction to Copilot for Microsoft 365 (90 minutes)

What is Copilot for Microsoft 365 and how can it help you work smarter?

  • We will begin with an introduction to generative AI.
  • We will then dive into the features and benefits of Copilot with simple but time-saving hands-on examples in Teams, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Chat.
  • We will discuss the limitations and ethical considerations of generative AI and data security features for Copilot.


2 – Copilot in Teams and Outlook (90 minutes)

How can Copilot help you work smarter with your colleagues and customers in Teams and Outlook?

  • We will explore how Copilot works beside you to create meeting notes, summarise discussion points, and generate follow-up tasks.
  • We will consider how Copilot in Outlook can help you catch-up, prepare and follow up faster so you can stay on top of your inbox.
  • We will have hands-on time exploring ways that Copilot lets you summarise conversations, create new emails and chats, transform quick notes into emails and generate feedback on emails about tone and clarity.


3 – Copilot in PowerPoint, Word, and Excel (90 minutes)

How can Copilot help you create stunning presentations, bring your writing to life, and analyse data easily?

We will explore how Copilot can organise your documents for maximum impact.

  • Use Copilot in PowerPoint to get more engagement from audiences: create presentations, transform documents into slides, summarise a presentation, discover information about your documents.
  • Give Copilot a prompt and get your first draft of a Word document in seconds: create drafts, receive suggestions on  how to expand, summarise documents, ask Copilot to rewrite sections and change the tone.
  • Ask Copilot questions about your Excel data in natural language: edit your data with simple commands, discover insights, create formulas and PivotCharts.


4 – Microsoft Copilot (Chat) (90 minutes)

How can you use Copilot to generate new content, using your existing documents as inspiration?

  • We will explore how Copilot can answer your questions by interacting with your content (files, meetings, chats, emails and the web).
    • Get up to speed on projects by summarising emails or bringing in ideas from relevant chats, Word documents or PowerPoint decks.
    • Let Copilot collate information from all your applications and create summary emails, tables, etc.
    • Prepare for meetings by letting Copilot create agendas and summarise emails, with highlighting and categorising.  
  • We will also consider the art and science of prompting.
    • Use the right verb for the right job: Learn, edit, transform. summarise, create, catch-up…
    • Use the right prompt elements – Goal, Context, Source, Expectations.
    • Common mistakes and powerful solutions when prompt writing.
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