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10 quick ideas for student use of Office Mix

Office Mix is a free add-in for PowerPoint. Office Mix is great!

I have spoken to lots of teachers who are using Mix to create presentations, videos and activities for their students. Microsoft has created a site especially for teachers:

However it is a great tool for students as well. Here are ten quick ideas for student use of Mix:

  1. Use a blank slide for mindmapping in group project work; record your conversations for evidence.
  2. Create a Mix TV ad to promote the book you are currently reading; use quizzes to get feedback from your peers.
  3. Create Mixes teaching local culture, history etc. for students in different countries (particularly where time zones make Skype a bit impractical).
  4. Record compositions or class singing and share with parents; include lyrics and animations so parents can join in karaoke style.
  5. Scan or photograph student work and record peer feedback.
  6. Create a Mix of a learning project or story; include videos, photos and scans or work, add a voiceover to tell your journey.
  7. Recreate a historic speech – use creative commons images and sound clips to enhance.
  8. Display the work and results of a science project from hypothesis to conclusion; include quizzes to collect peers and parents thoughts on the results.
  9. Create a virtual tour of the school for your school website – include quizzes to test new students and visitors .
  10. Collate the best slides from all your Mixes to create an end-of-term Mix and share with the rest of the school and parents.

Happy Mixing!

Here is a video showing an example of Mix being used to demonstrate student understanding:

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