Minecraft Workshops and Professional Learning

Standout education offers fun, Australian curriculum aligned workshops for students and hands-on, engaging professional learning sessions for teachers.

Unlock the power of Minecraft for learning!

Minecraft is a game where you dig (mine) and build (craft) various types of blocks in a three-dimensional environment. Players can explore, build creative structures and solve problems both individually or in groups.
What you can do in Minecraft is only limited by your imagination!

Minecraft in the Classroom!

Minecraft: Education Edition is an educational version of Minecraft designed to make it easier to use in schools. It includes various controls and services to make Minecraft more useful and appropriate in the classroom. It also includes a library of lessons and activities.

Introduction to Minecraft – Teacher Workshop

Students live in a digital world, and Minecraft: Education Edition is a way to bring the classroom and curriculum to them, in that environment they are already comfortable and familiar with. Minecraft: Education Edition is the same Minecraft experience many students enjoy and play already, but with some additional capabilities to enable student collaboration in the classroom, and support educators to deliver lessons and learning activities within the game.

This introductory workshop is designed specifically for K-12 teachers who would like to introduce Minecraft: Education Edition into their classroom. Participants will learn why Minecraft enhances learning experiences for both students and educators, explore digital resources available to educators, learn about the unique features of Minecraft: Education Edition, and play the game by experiencing a tutorial world, along with individual and group build battles. Most importantly, participants will learn how to construct learning around and within Minecraft: Education Edition by exploring lesson examples and then preparing lessons themselves.
This will be a fun day of learning, building and designing whether you have no experience playing the game, a little bit of mining experience, or you’re a seasoned miner.

Teacher and Student Workshops

Standout Education also offers joint Teacher-Student Workshops.
We will facilitate a workshop with your class and you will be learning at the same time. Why not invite a colleague along as well?

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Useful Links

Minecraft in Education – Microsoft’s official site

Minecraft Hour of Code

101 Ideas for Minecraft Learners – YouTube channel

Great presentation “Is Minecraft the Ultimate Educational Tool” (large PDF >20MB)

Why Standout Education?

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